GoWomen: Nevertheless, We Persist: Testimonials from CFW’s 38th Annual Gathering

Nevertheless, We Persist: Testimonials from CFW’s 38th Annual Gathering

On October 31, Chicago Foundation for Women celebrated its 38th Annual Gathering, Nevertheless, We Persist. The room was filled with nearly 1,000 people–a widely diverse group of women and a strong showing of men from all over the city. Our inspiring keynote speaker, Amanda Nguyen, said it was the first time she had walked into an event and immediately felt embraced by the whole room. Many of us had that feeling of warmth, connection, reunion and a strong sense of common purpose. It happens every year, but particularly this year, at a time of transition for CFW, at a time when the world is suffering from horrific wars, from fires, earthquakes and political turmoil — it was a salve on our hearts to be together.

One person who attended said that each time she comes to a CFW gathering, her eyes are opened to issues she hadn’t thought about, but then sees everywhere. That was the case again this year, she reported, when Amanda talked about the Rape Survivors Bill of Rights. “I learned that there was a statute of limitations on rape kits—that rape kits were just destroyed until Amanda acted. And then, in the following weeks, I became more and more aware about the need for the work on sexual assault laws.”

Other attendees remarked on how welcoming and connected they felt to not only each other, but also to our guest speakers at the gathering. Someone said that she identified with the women that stood before her, praising their candor and leaving feeling inspired by the work they have done and aspire to continue. She also noted the diversity of women who gathered together to support CFW, saying that “diverse women are synonymous with The Foundation.”

Many told us they felt a profound connection with the theme, Nevertheless, We Persist. In a world where stability is often elusive, attendees remarked on the sustained success of the Foundation, an inspiring celebration of not only the present achievements but also a nod to the ongoing commitment to progress and positive change. One attendee said that CFW, “remains a triumph, managing to weather storms and embrace changes and keep growing…” in this ever-changing world and social landscape.

In 1985, Marjorie Craig Benton, Iris Krieg, the late Lucia Woods Lindley and I founded CFW. Our goal was and continues to be to shepherd in a better world for women and girls, knowing that to empower the lives of women and girls strengthens whole communities. We knew it was important to organize, bring people together, find sister allies and ensure that we were including a diverse group of people. The gatherings are testimony to the work put in over the last four decades and the success of that plan. 

In our first year, we awarded $50,000 in grants– which we knew was just the beginning. In fiscal year 2023, with the support of thousands of donors, we invested $3.4 million in organizations and advocacy that help women and girls reach their highest potential. To say I am enormously proud is an understatement, and yet we know how much more there is to do. The requests to the Foundation—reflecting the need in the Chicago area alone—far exceeds our ability to respond.

CFW remains the only organization in the region that takes a holistic and comprehensive approach to listening to, advocating for and acting upon the issues that help women, girls, trans and non-binary individuals attain fundamental rights and the equal opportunities they deserve. Issues like lack of pay and career equity, poor access to health and reproductive services, domestic and sexual violence and many others continue to hold women back — threatening the well-being of our entire communities. 

Standing before a room of almost 1,000 inspiring people working to address barriers and advocate for women and girls, I felt the energy and drive that impassioned our work four decades ago.The work of our grantees to change the future is what energizes all of us at CFW. 

Amanda brought us to our feet with tears in our eyes. She embodies everything we stand for as an organization: her personal story and her bold and fierce decision to change the narrative. Her dedication, countless hours and heavy emotional capital made history by when she drafted and achieved unanimous passage of both the Sexual Assault Survivors’ Bill of Rights through the United States Congress and the Survivors’ Resolution through the United Nations General Assembly. Amanda has been a trailblazer, putting women’s issues at the forefront of society. She was Time Magazine’s 2022 woman of the year, a Nobel Peace Prize nominee and Forbes 30 under 30.  

We also heard from Rosazlia Grillier, a member of a long-time CFW grantee organization, CoFi (Community Organizing & Family Issues). COFI provides Chicago women in financially challenged communities with leadership skills and community activism. Through CoFi, Rosazlia, a widowed mother of two and cancer survivor, was able to find her the confidence and the support to get involved and make change. CoFi builds capacity for parent leaders to address neighborhood issues through collective action. Through her community activism, Rosazlia embodies the “COFI Way” by emphasizing the interconnection between personal struggles and broader community issues.

People like Amanda, Rosazlia, our thousands of grantees and you, through your dedication, generosity and unwavering belief in our cause, are the driving forces that propel us forward. Your involvement makes a world of difference, not just for Chicago for the Foundation for Women but for the countless lives we touch and the communities we impact. 

Together, let us move forward, united in our mission to create a world where equality, justice and opportunity are not just words, but lived experiences for every woman, girl, trans, and gender non-binary people. Thank you for being a part of this transformative journey – the journey that, with your support, will lead to a brighter, more inclusive future.

Our end of year appeal letter should have arrived in the mail. Please help us continue the work on equity and social justice by making a donation today by visiting our website here.

Together we will persist,

Sunny Fischer

CFW’s co-founder, and interim President & CEO


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The Director of Development is responsible for growing the resources and sustainability of the Foundation. This individual also oversees the development team. This person frequently represents the Foundation with key stakeholders, community members, donors, and organizational allies.  

The Director of Finance is responsible for ensuring the stability of the organization’s finances. The Director of Finance will assess financial markets and identify solutions to any issues that may arise.

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