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Our Community

Last year, working with nearly 3,000 donors and local partners on the front lines, we funded more than 160 projects serving over 70,000 women, girls, transgender, and gender non-binary people across the Chicago region.


When you invest in women and girls, you invest in stronger, more stable families and communities. You develop capable workers, people who produce more, save more, and spend more, right now and 30 years from now. You raise a generation of healthier kids with brighter futures, and you lower the cost of everything from public safety to social services to healthcare.

Invest in women and girls, and you invest a society that works—for everyone.



We focus on the top three issues that affect women’s lives today.

Work and economic security

A woman supporting a family in the Chicago area is 20 times more likely than a man to be earning the minimum wage-or less.

Freedom from violence

One in seven women has been physically threatened. One in three of those women has been battered.

Access to health

Breast cancer is not linked to race or income, but breast cancer survival is.


Our approach is simple and effective

We invest for impact.

The bets we place are bold and informed, like the investors who make them possible.

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We educate and advocate.

We speak up for women and girls. And we back up our words with evidence.

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We organize for change.

Big goals demand big picture thinking, coordinated effort, and leadership. We've been doing all three for 30 years.