Donor Privacy Policy

Our Commitment to Our Donors

Chicago Foundation for Women (CFW) emphasizes safeguarding donor privacy and fostering community trust. In pursuit of this commitment to transparency, the Development Department has formulated the Donor Privacy and Confidentiality Policy. This policy comprehensively outlines the procedures and protocols governing donor-related information acquisition, utilization, and preservation.

Confidentiality Of Donor Records

The preservation of donor confidentiality holds paramount significance within the philanthropic endeavors of Chicago Foundation for Women. The Development Staff diligently adhere to a stringent confidentiality pledge in their custodianship of donor-related information. Development Staff are authorized to disclose donors’ contributions, financial resources, and grant-related details solely to the donors themselves, the intended fund beneficiaries, and the designated grantees. Any deviations from this protocol are elucidated within the confines of this policy.

How Chicago Foundation for Women Protects Donor Information

Chicago Foundation for Women is committed to the non-disclosure of personal information to third parties. It refrains from engaging in the sale, rental, lease, or exchange of such information with external entities. The identities of individuals interacting with us through diverse channels are held confidential. The utilization of donor data is strictly confined to internal purposes, primarily for authorized communication and resource development endeavors that necessitate access to donor information.

Chicago Foundation for Women has instituted a multi-faceted approach encompassing physical, technical, and administrative safeguards to prevent unauthorized access and uphold the utmost data security standards. Personally identifiable information is securely housed on cloud-based servers, preventing unauthorized intrusion or disclosure. Furthermore, payment information, including credit card details, is subject to encryption during transmission to external websites, and then credit card numbers are expunged upon processing physical gift forms.

While we have undertaken reasonable precautions to shield personal information from inadvertent disclosures, absolute immunity from losses cannot be guaranteed. In the event of security breaches or violations of applicable laws, the Chicago Foundation for Women will adhere to all requisite notification obligations. However, CFW cannot assume liability for any consequential damages.

Publication Of Donor Names

As part of recognizing and appreciating our donors, CFW may include donor names in financial reports and marketing materials unless donors request otherwise. The exact amount of a donor’s gift will only be published with the donor’s permission.

Memorial/Tribute Gifts

Information related to donations made in honor, tribute, or memory of another individual may be shared with the specified honoree, next of kin, immediate family member, or estate executor, unless the donor specifies otherwise. Gift amounts are not disclosed without the donor’s consent.

Anonymous Gifts

Chicago Foundation for Women honors the donor’s request for anonymity when requesting that a gift or fund be treated as such.

Types Of Information Collected

Chicago Foundation for Women collects and maintains the following types of donor information when it is voluntarily provided to the Foundation:

  • Contact details, such as name, organization/company affiliation, title, addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers, email addresses, date of birth, and relationships
  • Donation information, including donation amounts, dates, methods, and associated benefits
  • Payment information, encompassing credit or debit card numbers (to the extent needed for processing), expiration dates, security codes, billing addresses, and other details required for payment authorization
  • Information about attended events and workshops, received publications, and special program-related requests
  • Details concerning volunteer hours and event participation
  • Donor inquiries, comments, and suggestions
How CFW Uses This Information

Chicago Foundation for Women complies with all federal and state laws on using donor-related information. Chicago Foundation for Women uses information obtained from donors and prospective donors encompassing, but not limited to:

  •  Maintaining records of donations
  •  Responding to donor inquiries
  •  To comply with the law or with any legal process served on Chicago Foundation for Women
  •  IRS purposes
  •  Analyzing overall giving patterns to make more accurate budget projections
  • Develop strategies and present gift proposals
  • Issuing donation acknowledgments
  • Understanding donors’ interests in our mission and updating them on the organization’s plans and activities
  • Informing planning about who receives future fundraising appeals
  • Organizing and promoting fundraising events
  • Informing donors of relevant programs and services through newsletters, notices, and direct mail pieces
  • Analyzing our website usage

Certain third-party contractors and service providers have limited access to donor-related information while providing products or services related to gift processing and acknowledgments, including but not limited to Blackbaud, Inc. and goodMatch, Inc. Such access is subject to confidentiality obligations covering this information. Moreover, access to donor-related information by these contractors and service providers is limited to the information reasonably necessary for the contractor or service provider to perform its limited function for CFW. For example, donations may be processed through a third-party service provider, and our donors’ information will be shared with such service providers to the extent necessary to process the donation.
Chicago Foundation for Women may also use donor-related information to protect against potential fraud. Chicago Foundation for Women may verify the information collected while processing a gift, event registration, or donation with third parties. If donors use a credit or debit card on a Chicago Foundation for Women website, we may use card authorization and fraud screening services to verify that the card information and address match the information supplied to us and that the card being used has not been reported lost or stolen.

Removing Your Name from Our Mailing List

Donors, prospective donors, grantees, and affiliates can request removal from our email, mailing, or phone lists anytime by contacting us at or (312) 577-2801. If any inaccuracies or changes to personal information are identified in our database, modifications can be made by reaching out to us through the above channels.

Chicago Foundation for Women depends on our donors for the work we do to improve the lives of women, girls, transgender individuals, and gender nonbinary individuals. We are grateful for your contributions and your commitment.