Who We Are:

Young Women’s Giving Council of CFW invests in and empowers girls and young women in the Chicago region to create social change. It is an extension of the work of the Foundation. We are young professionals committed to supporting young women and girls through philanthropic efforts. We utilize our strength as a network of young women to fundraise in order to make grants to local groups annually. In addition, we develop the potential of women as leaders and philanthropists, empowering them through educational programming, leadership opportunities, and professional development. Check us out on Facebook!

2021-2022 Co-Chairs
Celia Cullom  ♦  Alex Kocoj  ♦  Mallika Sathe  ♦  Jasmin Sanchez

Who We Support:

The impact of our work is strong! We have awarded 36 grants totaling over $166,000 since 2008.

FY2021 Grantees: $16,950 total awarded
Girls Like Me Project, INC
Gyrls in the HOOD Foundation
Sex Workers Outreach Program

FY2020 Grantees: $18,000 total awarded
Awakenings Art
Brave Space Alliance
Pearls & Gems Elite

FY2019 Grantees: $16,500 total awarded
Brave Space Alliance
Global Girls
Gyrls in the H.O.O.D. Foundation (H.O.O.D.)

How It Works

  • Membership is on a fiscal year basis (July 1-June 30). Deadline is September 09, 2022.
  • The Giving Council meets monthly on the second Tuesday from 6-7/7:30pm (virtual until further notice)
  • Events are scheduled and organized by members
  • Grantmaking occurs in the winter and spring with funding being awarded in June
  • You choose your level of participation

Member Benefits

  • Amplify your giving by leveraging your dollars with those of other members.
  • Give voice to the issues affecting the women and girls in your community by deciding with your peers on the Council which programs to fund.
  • See the impact of your giving as funded programs share with membership accomplishments that were made possible by the Council’s grants.
  • Develop new personal and professional relationships with like-minded women.
  • Learn from trainings, workshops and conversations on philanthropy, women in philanthropy, issues and needs of women, how organizations are serving women, and trends and gaps in funding.

Member Responsibilities

  • Make an annual contribution, choosing from a variety of options to make payments affordable.
  • Participate in group and individual fundraising. This may include soliciting donors, sponsors, and in-kind contributions, serving on an events committee, or recruiting members.
  • Participate in the Giving Council grantmaking process, a cooperative effort to select the recipients of grants. This may include identifying organizations and programs to fund, reviewing proposals, conducting site visits, and voting on grant recommendations.
  • Provide good stewardship and thought partnership to the Council with your active and positive participation. This may include attending meetings, or contributing to discussions about fundraising and grantmaking.
  • Connect Chicago Foundation for Women with organizations and stakeholders doing work on behalf of young women and girls in the Chicago region.

Why Giving Councils?

Giving Councils link grassroots organizations to funding and the Foundation to new issues, new leaders, and new ideas.

Through its giving councils, Chicago Foundation for Women aims to:

  • Exercise the power of giving individually and collectively to create an understanding of philanthropy within different cultures;
  • Establish unique funds to provide additional support to the communities represented by the Councils (proceeds generated through fundraising efforts by the Councils go toward these special funds);
  • Educate the public and take action on unique issues facing diverse communities in the Foundation’s areas of interest (economic security, freedom from violence, and access to health services and information);
  • Increase awareness about the Foundation’s work within diverse communities;
  • Provide leadership opportunities, and;
  • Amplify the voice of underrepresented women as philanthropists through democratic philanthropy.

For more information about the Giving Council,

Giving Council, contact Lora York, Senior Program Officer at 312.577.2814 or lyork@cfw.org.