Lauren Gonzales' Fundraising Page

Fundraising for the Young Women's Giving Council helps to unify the voices of individual women and amplify the potential for meaningful impact in our city and for marginalized groups. The Giving Council supports smaller organizations that are dedicated to investing in, empowering and educating young girls of color to be leaders in their own lives and communities.

Since 2008, the Young Women’s Giving Council has awarded 29 grants totaling over $136,000. And, last year we surpassed our goal by collectively raising $16,500 to be granted to three local groups making a meaningful difference in the lives of women and girls.

The level of support we provide to organizations is dependent on our fundraising efforts. In our group, each member is equally important and everyone gives what they can. This unique form of philanthropy flips the narrative that one must be wealthy to give back to their community or be part of a professional group. It is the same idea that we want imparted to young women and girls of color—that real and perceived barriers are surmountable when we support one another.

My individual goal is to raise $250 (more is good), and every dollar that you donate will makes its way to local communities and support young women and girls of color. Will you donate and join me in supporting the leaders of tomorrow?