Englewood Women’s Initiative

Investing in women to build strong communities for all.

When women rise, they bring entire communities with them.

Two-thirds of Englewood families are headed by single mothers.

Nearly half of these mothers struggle to make ends meet.

For our region to thrive, we can't leave anyone behind.

When women and girls in Englewood are safe, healthy and have access to opportunity, Chicago - and all of us - thrive. 

The Englewood Women’s Initiative removes barriers and connects women with resources to support safe, healthy and thriving families. 

Job training and education are important pieces of the puzzle, but to complete the picture, women need wraparound support.

Englewood Women's Initiative provides the additional support to ensure women can succeed: affordable housing, family support, mentorship, financial coaching and credit clean-up.

When women rise, they bring families and whole communities with them.


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Englewood Quality of Life Plan

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Questions about the Englewood Women’s Initiative? Contact Lora York at lyork@cfw.org.

Interested to learn more about supporting the Englewood Women's Initiative? Contact Jessi Moon at jmoon@cfw.org.