invest in and connect to your community in the Chicago region

Collective giving = Collective Power

leverage your dollars by contributing them to a collective fund
to increase your investments in women and girls


give to what matters to you

make sure the money goes where it is needed most and can do the most good


1. Identify emerging needs

Bring awareness to the pressing challenges faced by women and girls in your community, and to groups addressing these needs

2. Invite groups to apply for funding

Decide which of these groups you have an interest in funding and invite them to submit a grant proposal

3. Meet with these groups

Review proposals and meet with them to learn more about the their work and those who benefit from it, and the impact your funding would have

4. Make final funding recommendations

Recommend funding to groups of your choice to be approved by the CFW Board of Directors

we need you

You have an opportunity to bring fresh ideas, unique concerns and perspectives, and new energy to philanthropic leadership and advocacy. Break barriers for the women and girls you care about and expand Chicago Foundation for Women’s grantmaking.

Giving Circles

Creating meaningful impact in the lives of women and girls in the northern suburbs

Paving a path to investment in women and girls on Chicago's South Side.

Connecting resources and solutions for women and girls in the western suburbs.


Giving Councils

Join Us

We are mobilizing resources to support LBTQ-identified individuals.


Join Us

We are supporting and elevating culturally rich and diverse communities of women and girls.


Join Us

We are investing in and empowering girls and young women to create social change.


To speak with someone about Chicago Foundation for Women’s Giving Councils and Circles,
contact Eli Marsh at 312.577.2825 or