Veronica Womack is the Project Manager of Inclusive Learning at Northwestern University’s Searle Center for Advancing Teaching and Learning. In this position, she manages a multi-institution, five-year STEM education, professional development project that is sponsored by the National Science Foundation. She is also Co-Founder of, a website that serves as an empirically-based, psychoeducational resource for African American women coping with stereotypical expectations and gendered racism.

Veronica is an experienced facilitator and has implemented seminars on identifying and coping with racial microaggressions as well as reducing stereotype threat in learning environments. She incorporates mindfulness, intersectionality, health behaviors, and ‘safe space’ development into her research and workplace-based initiatives. Veronica’s research and commentaries have been published in Psychosomatic Medicine, Diabetes Care, American Journal of Health Behaviors, and TIME magazine. She continues to share her knowledge with the next generation of scholars and leaders in Chicago as an Adjunct Professor at Chicago State University and Governors State University, where she teaches Statistical Methods and Mindfulness Studies respectively. Veronica is passionate about promoting mindfulness-based initiatives, cultivating inclusive spaces, and developing social support networks for people of color.

Veronica received both her B.S. in psychology and Ph.D. in social psychology from Howard University, and she received her postdoctoral training in cardiovascular epidemiology at the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine.