Channyn Lynne Parker is a human rights advocate, public speaker, community-centric leader, and Manager of External Relations for Howard Brown Health Center. She also serves on the board at Equality Illinois. Prior to her current role, Channyn served as manager of the Broadway Youth Center’s Youth Development Program, and manager of Chicago House Social Service Agency’s TransLife Project in 2017.

Channyn is the first openly transgender woman to work in the Cook County Department of Corrections, working with populations in protective custody. Channyn has been honored with several awards and accolades, including the inaugural Trans 100 (2013), the Henrietta Lacks Award, Women in Health in Chicago (2018), and the Equality Illinois Freedom Award (2019). Channyn has had the privilege of speaking at the White House on national HIV/AIDS strategy in 2015 and at the Chicago Women’s March in 2017 and 2018.

Channyn is quoted as saying, “Equality is the firmest pillar upon which human value stands. If I am named amongst those who are ambitious, and maybe even crazy enough to believe that we, somehow through our actions, can leave this world a better place. If I have played some small part in reducing the burden of injustice, then I have lived a life well served.”