Talibah Moore

Talibah Moore is a Community Organizer with Community Organizing and Family Issues (COFI). She is a proud mother of four beautiful children (Mustafa, Jamilah, Jamal, and Madinah-Corey – ages 17, 15, 13, and 10 months respectively). Born in Chicago and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, Talibah is raising her kids as a single mother on the South Side of Chicago. In 2013, Talibah’s journey as a parent leader at COFI began after learning about the organization from a flyer in her son’s cubby. After completing COFI training and joining POWER-PAC IL (the cross-cultural, statewide membership organization of COFI-trained parents), she became even more actively involved, most notably as a key leader of the Early Learning Campaign Strategy Team.

Her efforts were pivotal in POWER-PAC IL’s Early Learning work. Talibah played a crucial role in winning the simplification of Chicago’s Early Learning application forms and granting more access to Early Intervention for families on the Southside of Chicago. Alongside her fellow parent leaders of Southside Parents United Roundtable (SPUR), she has also been actively involved with local Early Learning partnerships. Additionally, she has also served as a Head Start Ambassador, Peer Trainer, and Team Builder. She was eventually promoted to the staff position of Community Organizer in 2018, and nowadays, she spends her days in support and collaboration with parent leaders who are continuing to make a difference in their communities. She remains highly active in her children’s schooling, serving on the PTO of her two eldest children’s high school.