Evelyn Mensah

Evelyn Mensah is dedicated to empowering women and girls in her fight to serve our low-income community members. A lifelong humanity champion, Evelyn brings a deep commitment to community and public service to everything she does. Serving as Executive Director of the African American Christian Foundation (AACF), Evelyn works tirelessly to provide low-income women and girls with education, vocational skills, internships, job placements, and financial aid to support program participants' economic growth and empowerment. Through Evelyn’s leadership, 150 youth have succeeded in completing vocational training, pursuing educational pathways, and securing employment in the past year, in spite of the current COVID-19 pandemic.

She holds a master's degree with a certificate in Finance from the Keller Graduate School of Management with over 20 years of experience leading and overseeing youth and adult workforce development programs. As a financial professional, academic administrator, and community leader, Evelyn lends her extensive experience and skills to AACF, increasing access to opportunity and creating safe, thriving communities for women and girls. Evelyn has built strong relationships to connect community residents with resources and make government more available to the people it serves. As an administrator of the AACF vocational school, KAM Institute of Healthcare and Technology, Evelyn has worked to create an environment in which students and staff are able to achieve all of their goals and succeed. In her own words: “Maybe I can help a participant get a clear idea of where they want to go, identify an expansion of opportunities that they have not considered before, or perhaps foster business relationships. Together we will work to discover the next level which is about progress and add to our skill level.” Evelyn Mensah thrives on building a community and world in which all youth especially women and girls have the opportunity to achieve their full potential and live in safe, just, and healthy communities. Evelyn enjoys spending time with family and has a passion for travel.