Maya Robbins' Fundraising Page


In Chicago and across the country, there are few philanthropic organizations that specifically serve the needs of women, especially women of color and women in poverty. The Young Women's Giving Council of Chicago Foundation for Women goes above and beyond to support local organizations that provide services and opportunities for women to lead healthy and productive lives. This fall, I was privileged to join the Young Women's Giving Council, a council made up of young women from all across Chicago who gather to raise funds for amazing organizations throughout Chicago serving the needs of women. To continue supporting organizations in Chicago that serve the women who experience the widest opportunity gap, I'm raising $250 which will go towards our annual grant awards for these organizations. I hope you'll join me in making this tax-deductible donation and changing the lives of women, and in turn our community.

To read more about the YWGC and CFW, visit the Foundation's website.