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Loretta Rosenmayer/INTREN

Founded in 1988, INTREN has developed a stewardship culture, thanks to its founder Loretta Rosenmayer. Her philanthropic vision has impacted the way INTREN operates and has created a commitment to advance women in business and improve their economic development.

INTREN sets the exemplary standard on how companies can have a lasting change in the lives of their employees, the energy industry and the communities in which they live. In 2015, INTREN supported over 130 charitable organizations nationwide with each of their regional offices having partnered with different local charities. Active partnerships with ComEd’s Chicago urban employment training program, CONSTRUCT; INTREN’s own POWER Group (Promoting Of Women in Energy Roles) which was created within the company to address the gender gap in the energy industry; as well as a strong mentoring program established at INTREN to promote women and entrepreneurs are just a few of the many opportunities INTREN commits to supporting women entering the energy industry and other business ventures. In addition, INTREN continues to address the gender leadership gap by creating an internal Leadership Training for their managers.

Loretta’s leadership and ability to nurture success in others is no more evident than in her own family. “My top priority in life has always been my children and family.” Loretta has raised a daughter and four sons in addition to caring for over 20 teenage girls in crisis as a foster mother and more than 10 exchange students from various South American countries. Her role as a foster and host parent was a “life-altering experience” that ignited her passion to helping the underserved in her own community.