Idayasree Kuruvilla's Fundraising Page

This #GivingTuesday (November 27th), I encourage each of you to join me in donating to the 
Young Women’s Giving Council of Chicago Foundation for Women. As a Co-Chair of this Council, I want to explain how important your contribution is to ensuring that women and girls in Chicago gain economic security, freedom from violence, and access to health services and information. With the support of the Foundation, our volunteer-based council participates in fundraising and grantmaking to organizations doing the work around these focus areas.

Since, 2008 the Young Women’s Giving Council has fundraised over $106,000 and granted to 22 new and emerging non-profit organizations in Chicago. Last year YWGC raised $13,500 and awarded those funds to Assata’s Daughters, Chicago Period Project, Chicago Volunteer Doulas, and Illinois Birth Justice. Our goal this year is to grant $15,000!

Our ability to grant hinges on our fundraising efforts. It’s an inclusive approach to philanthropy, one that can ensure a more equitable opportunity for organizations to get support. I’m hopeful for a new norm in philanthropy, so understand that every dollar you give to this council, will make its way back to the community and to empowering us as leaders.

My personal goal is to raise $300 on this #GivingTuesday. Give what you can. Reach out if you want to learn more. Give us your feedback. We invite you to be apart of this work.

To read more about the YWGC and CFW, visit the foundation’s website.

Idayasree Kuruvilla
YWGC Co-Chair & Fundraising Liaison
Chicago Foundation for Women