Gender bias isn’t a “woman’s issue.” It impacts everyone.

Harmful gender norms and stereotypes limit life for men and boys. Ending gender bias won’t just benefit women and girls - it will make life better for everyone in our region.

Ending gender bias takes all of us.

As partners and parents, friends and neighbors, colleagues and employers, men and boys have a critical role to play in ending gender bias, and getting our region to gender equity.

Help Chicago Foundation for Women invest in healthy masculinity and efforts to engage men and boys as partners in the movement for gender equity.

When you make a gift to CFW between now and June 16 - Father’s Day - you will help CFW invest in HANA Center’s work to bring men and boys into the movement for gender equity.

We need your support to reach our goal of raising $5,000 before Father’s Day. CFW board member Mike Narciso, together with his mentor, Ken O'Keefe, will match every dollar given this week, up to $2,000, to invest in work to bring men and boys into the movement for gender equity.

Can we count on your support?



HANA Center is building spaces where men and boys can explore and redefine what it means to be a man in Chicago in 2019.

After HANA Center held a men’s retreat at the beginning of the year, they realized men and boys need space and support to talk through what gender, manhood and masculinity mean to them; how gender stereotypes and expectations can simultaneously benefit and harm men; and how they can be active advocates for gender equity.

“We’re giving space to men to learn and to process - what does sexism look like every day,” and the tools to speak out when they witness gender bias, says HANA Center executive director Inhe Choi.

With a grant from CFW, HANA Center can continue to develop innovative strategies to develop a healthy masculinity and to engage men and boys in the movement for gender equity.

Help CFW invest in innovative strategies to engage men and boys as partners in our work.