Strategies for Change

Direct Services

Direct services are provided to individuals and families. Some examples of current CFW funded projects include: sector-based training programs, STEM programs, homeless shelters, mentoring and youth empowerment, teen dating violence prevention, domestic violence crisis services, and health services (reproductive, physical and mental health).


Advocacy seeks to affect or inform the actions of community systems or any level of government expressed in laws, administrative practices, regulations, executive or judicial actions. Some examples of advocacy activities include: policy development, constituency organizing and mobilization, forming and sustaining coalitions, leadership development, public education, litigation and research.

Pathways to Economic Self-Sufficiency (only in Fall Cycle)

Designed by the former Eleanor Foundation, the Pathways model (formerly the Resource/Training - Stabilization model) focuses on workforce development as an essential economic security initiative. Pathways’ combination of training opportunities and comprehensive support services allows women to fully participate in training opportunities that will lead to living wage jobs with benefits and have clear pathways for career advancement and professional development. To participate in this model applicants must provide training (training grant type) or support services (stabilization grant type).


Training grantees deliver job skills training and job placement. The Foundation seeks to fund programs whose primary focus is to help women develop the skills and education they need in order to a) secure living wage employment with benefits and a career path or b) advance up an existing career ladder to secure a living wage with benefits.


Stabilization grantees provide support to training grantee participants in the following areas:
1) housing; 2) childcare; and 3) financial education/credit repair.