Jaquie Algee Headshot  

Jaquie Algee is Vice President/Director of External Relations for SEIU HCIIMK.  In this capacity, she directs activities that support and foster positive relations and collaboration with faith leaders and congregations, community organizations/residents, elected officials, and key stakeholders in support of SEIU HCIIMK, worker rights, as well, a variety of shared community interests and issues.  Ms. Algee works to ensure that SEIU HCIIMK establishes and maintains relationships in the broader community as a committed partner.

In 2017, Ms. Algee was one of the coordinating organizers of Women’s March Chicago that brought over 250,000 people, predominately women, to the Chicago Loop area where they shut down access to most of the major streets in defense of their rights in the workplace, equal pay, resistance to any form of oppression, disrespect or exclusion.  As a board member and leader of Women’s March Chicago, Ms. Algee helped to organize March to the Polls in January 2018 that brought over 300,000 to the Chicago Loop area, shutting it down once again!  In October 2018, Ms. Algee helped coordinate a March To The Polls, organized by Women’s March Chicago with a focus on 1st Time Voters.  That march brought over 100,000 people and Get Out To Vote (GOTV)!  January 2020 the Women’s March Chicago, along with multiple coalition members and allies held a march that focused on five areas of interest:  2020 Census, Climate, Gun’s Violence, Health, and Voter Registration.  This was a launch for the Primary election in March and the general election to be held in November of 2020.  The goal was to encourage women and others to vote their values on issues that impact their lives, family, and community.  Ms. Algee was elected as the board president of March On, a national Women’s March organization.  March On helped to guide and provide tools to over 300 marches that took place throughout the US and globally in January 2018 with the express purpose of mobilizing women and others to the polls.  March On continued to mobilize women and others throughout a number of states for the November 2020 election, as well as the January Senate run-off election in Georgia.  Ms. Algee believes that women will continue to “Rise Up” to the polls and beyond for who and what they care about!  Women will lead the way…

 In the capacity of vice president on the SEIU - HCIIMK Executive Board, Ms. Algee participates as a decision-maker/leader.  Ms. Algee’s additional board participations are board president of Women’s March Chicago and March On, Quad Chair of the Illinois Poor People’s Campaign, board member and past president of the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless, executive vice president of Illinois Alliance for Retired Americans, secretary-treasurer of Community Assistance Program, Inc., vice president of the Association for Child Development, board member of Bright Star Community Outreach, Illinois Hunger Coalition, Illinois Democratic Women, A Just Harvest and Kids Off the Block.

In all areas of affiliation, Ms. Algee’s commitment to the labor movement and social justice work is fueled by her strong faith in God, a love of family, and inspired by a quote from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. which states “the time is always right to do the right thing”.