During this ongoing pandemic, caregivers have been the most impacted, with women leaving the workforce at four times higher rates than men, citing caregiving as the main reason. 

Chicago Foundation for Women has partnered with Mission Propelle to provide hands-on strategies for integrating work and life that keeps women in the workforce. Join us on any of our three sessions and walk away with concrete actions that will help foster your own success.

The coaching sessions drive towards creating a sustainable schedule for your family - prioritizing your own needs, quality time with kids, creating more equitable housework, quality time with your partner (if you have one) - all with the goal of moving from a place of survival to a place of comfort and joy during these incredibly difficult times.

Attendees will not only learn ways to manage tasks and time effectively, but will learn how to put the focus back into things that matter without forcing them to sacrifice the important things in their life so that they can feel successful personally and professionally.

Space is limited. Reserve your spot by registering today!

Admission to each session is $35 — save $25 by registering for all three sessions!

Group rates are available - $350 - all 3 sessions for 5 attendees!

Session 1 - February 10 (12–1 pm): 

Principles of Setting a Routine: Learn how to create a routine or daily schedule that is sustainable in the long run yet flexible in the day-to-day.

Opportunity for one on one coaching following the session provided by Mission Propelle

Virtual event

Session 2 - February 17 (12–1 pm):

Staying Accountable and Consistent: Learn tools and accountability practices that will make your parenting goals attainable and sustainable — from establishing independent play in young children to enforcing boundaries with teens.

Opportunity for one on one coaching following the session provided by Mission Propelle

Staying Accountable and Consistent | 12 pm

Virtual event

Session 3 - February 24 (12–1 pm):  

Building Emotional Intelligence and Communication: Learn how to nurture your child’s emotional intelligence — the ability to recognize, understand, and respond to feelings — from birth through the teen years.

Opportunity for one on one coaching following the session provided by Mission Propelle

Virtual event

Testimonies from previous Mission Propelle session attendees:

“The ladies at Mission Propelle are excellent! They deliver an engaging, relevant, and very important message for parents. I learned so much from their sessions and use their tools and tips frequently with my children.” - Zoe Regan, CEO, The Jane Club 

“Equity Consulting tailors the coaching to you with a great level of empathy and understanding. This course is truly for any and every parent struggling to keep their head above water, as we all are.” - Yael, Attorney Coaching Client

“We easily could have stretched this program on for another three months. Their temperament and non-judgemental attitude led to such a warm and inviting atmosphere to ask vulnerable questions.” - Dori Howard, COO, The Jane Club