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Lucia Woods Lindley

Lucia Woods Lindley was a pillar of Chicago’s philanthropic community. Lucia was a Founding Mother of CFW, and it was her Sophia Fund, named after the Greek archetype of feminine wisdom and the only fund in the country at the time that focused on women’s issues, that ultimately established CFW.

“It was a way to inspire other donors to become more public about their giving to women’s organizations and to encourage lots of people, especially women, to use their resources to support women and girls’ issues,” Sunny Fischer, CFW Co-Founder and former Executive Director of the Sophia Fund, remembers.

In the Sophia Fund’s last annual report, Lucia wrote “I look forward to our continuing the journey—to our working together in varying ways, individually and together, to enhance women’s lives for the benefit of all.”

It was this commitment to enhancing women’s lives that inspired Lucia’s $10M testamentary donation to CFW – the largest in the Foundation’s history – helping CFW’s recovery efforts to ensure women emerge from the pandemic stronger than before.

CFW is proud to have named the Foundation’s planned giving society, The Sophia Society, in honor of Lucia and her dedication to investing in women and girls.

The Sophia Society recognizes those who have chosen to leave a lasting charitable legacy with CFW by including the Foundation in their estate plan. Including a planned gift to CFW in your estate is not only an investment in the Foundation’s current efforts but will allow CFW to continue the journey of enhancing the lives of women and girls for years to come.

“I've worked my entire life for opportunities and equality for ALL women. Putting CFW in my estate plans will continue my work and my beliefs. My heirs - my three daughters - support and applaud this decision.” – Marcie Love, long-time CFW supporter, founder of Personal PAC, and Sophia Society Member.

CFW is honored to carry on Lucia’s legacy and her commitment to women and girls to inspire others to invest in women and girls.

To read Lucia’s full obituary, visit here.

To learn more about how you can create a legacy at CFW, click here.

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