Champion of Change: Troy Henikoff


Troy Henikoff
Managing Director
MATH Venture Partners

What does being a Champion of Change mean to you?

I have been very fortunate that I had the support of family, friends and society when I embarked on my entrepreneurial journey. There are many others who could have had a similar trajectory, but they did not have the same opportunity. I want to see that everyone has an equal opportunity and I am just trying to have an impact in my part of the ecosystem.

What actions are you taking to support women and girls in the tech industry?

There are very few women in tech and even fewer in Venture Capital. So when thinking about founding MATH Venture Partners we realized that we wanted to be an example of more diversity. Today we are 50/50 male/female and are one of the few VC funds to have a woman at the partner level. I think setting an example through actions is critical in this discussion.
In addition to our diversity at MATH, I make it a requirement of any public panel or speaking engagement that I participate in have diverse representation, thinking about both gender and race.

What can be done to encourage men and boys to become a key part of the movement toward gender equity?

I think the best way to have more gender equality in tech is to set the example. Making sure that everyone feels comfortable in the work place, that everyone has role models to look up to, that everyone is treated with respect and appreciated for their differences. Companies that have more diversity are more likely to succeed!

What steps should men in leadership positions take to close the gender gap?

Most men in leadership positions believe that they are supportive, but do not realize all of the little barriers that they have built. Simply learning about unconscious bias and trying to be aware of when it is happening would be a huge first step. Making sure women are part of the decision making process - whether that is business direction or hiring decisions, everyone's voice should be heard. More input equals more awareness.

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