Champion of Change: Carter Murray


Carter Murray

Carter Murray, CEO of FCB, was one of the first executives to sign on to Chicago Foundation for Women’s Male Champions of Change. FCB is one of the largest advertising agency networks in the world, and under Murray’s leadership, it has quickly become an industry leader on advancing gender equity in the corporate sphere.  Carter recently shared more about what drives his commitment to advancing women and girls within the company and within the communities in which it operates.

Under your leadership, how has FCB become more invested in and supportive of its women employees?

We have worked very hard as a leadership team on this in a variety of ways, but to be open and fair, we still have much work to do to get it right.  However, we have instituted implicit bias workshops through the leadership of the company to create better awareness and discussion and action. Our goal is to have a more balanced global leadership team, and we have made sure with our existing global leadership team that we make this a key thing to get right.

What role do you see advertising agencies playing in changing the culture of bias against women?

We must believe that advertising can be a force for good in the world, and this is one of the key areas where that can be shown. On this specific topic, there are several important ways of doing it. Amongst them is making sure that we help manage brands that have a clear point of view on that culture of bias against women and that we spark our own initiatives that break it down.

What was the catalyst for you, personally or professionally, to become invested in women’s success?

I was always fairly passionate about this topic because it seemed like something that was so obviously wrong and need to be addressed. The implicit bias exercises I did with the team opened my eyes further and led to me better understanding the scale of the problem, my role within it, and even more importantly, why I was so passionate about it.

Why did you agree to be a Male Champion of Change?

I believe to get things right, we all need to join the discussion.  Absurdly, I do hear men and male leaders saying that this is no longer an issue. By accepting this, I am proudly admitting in a very public setting, that I do not think it is fixed and we all have a role to play. And, I would like to play my part.

As a Male Champion of Change, how do you think men and boys can become a key part of the movement toward gender equity?

The most important thing I think is education and being open to listen to others. The older I get and the more I listen, the more I find out about myself and how much more there is to know and understand out there. Helping others get the right mindset to be open, to learn, and evolve will accelerate the change.


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