Ending Gender Bias Takes All of Us.

The 100% Project is an all-in, all-out effort to achieve gender equity in the Chicago region by 2030.

Economic security for women and girls and freedom from gender bias aren’t “women’s issues.” They’re issues of basic fairness, and fairness depends on everyone.

Everyone has a way to step up and do their part.

This means engaging men in leadership positions in the private and public sectors to join the movement as Champions of Change. 


Leading the Way




"Our goal is to have a more balanced global leadership team, and we have made sure with our existing global leadership team that we make this a key thing to get right."

Carter Murray, CEO of FCB

Read the full interview with Carter. 

Pitching Equity 


"Making sure women are part of the decision making process - whether that is business direction or hiring decisions, everyone's voice should be heard."

Troy Henikoff, Managing Director, MATH Venture Partners

Read the full interview with Troy. 

Teaching Equity 



"For both girls and boys, it is vital for these young minds to be freed of stereotypes and be given a safe space for learning the importance of gender equity."

Tim O'Brien, Executive Director of Open Books

Read the full interview with Tim. 


A unique component of The 100% Project is that it actively calls for participation from men and boys in the work of achieving gender equity.

CFW’s Male Champions of Change Initiative not only encourages male CEOs to get involved with ending gender bias in the workplace, it also offers a road map for how to do it.

Sign on to Become a Male Champion of Change


Showcase your commitment to gender equity by sharing goals and strategies.

Regularly measure and share progress toward these goals.

Influence fellow leaders and other men to join you as a champion and take on gender equity as a key priority in their company, sector or community. 

We all benefit when women have a seat at the table.

Illinois could increase GDP by 7%, or $60 billion, over the next decade if we empower women and girls to reach their full economic potential.
(The McKinsey Global Institute, 2016)

Companies with gender balanced leadership are more profitable.
(Harvard Business Review, 2016)

Women invest a higher proportion of their earnings in their families and communities.
(Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, 2016)

 To learn more or to sign on to become a Male Champion of Change, contact Emily Dreke at edreke@cfw.org

100% Success

The goals of the 100% Project are big, we know. But “big” doesn’t mean impossible.

And tackling big goals has one big advantage.

When we succeed, it won’t just be a win for 51.5 percent of the people who live and work in Chicago.

It will be a win for us all.