Amber Kirchhoff's Fundraising Page

Picture of Young Women's Giving Council Members at a fundraiser

As Co-Chair of the Young Women’s Giving Council (YWGC), I’m proud to be partnering with you and hundreds of other Chicago Foundation for Women supporters to leverage our collective impact to make a difference in our city.

As a friend of mine, you know that I am a longtime advocate for women’s rights and gender equity. Over the years, I’ve worked with many of you through the National Organization for Women (NOW) and my work in politics and government. I am excited that you are joining me in this effort as well!

Together, we are seeding important and innovative work of grassroots, women-led organizations tackling the most pressing needs in communities across our city. We support community-based groups that are often small, new, and hyperlocal, making YWGC uniquely positioned to amplify these organizations’ efforts to ensure a better future for the women and girls Chicago.  Because when we uplift women, we uplift families and communities.Your contribution is a down payment on our mission of securing economic equity, health justice, and freedom from violence. Thank you for investing in a shared vision for a better tomorrow!

To read more about the YWGC and CFW, visit the Foundation's website.

Amber Kirchhoff
YWGC Co-Chair and
Communications Committee Liaison
Chicago Foundation for Women