Alicia C.L. Bailey enthusiastically joins the Chicago Foundation for Women’s Anti-Racism Transformation Team, after several years as an inaugural member of The South Side Giving Circle (SSGC).

Racial equity has been a lifelong priority for Alicia, and she is committed to using this new position to advocate on behalf of others, invoke change and inspire action. In addition, she brings over 20 years of content, brand marketing, and communications experience through her professional roles.

Beginning her career at “The Oprah Winfrey Show” (TOWS), Alicia often refers to that experience as “bootcamp for life,” with each show serving as a lesson rooted in seeing the humanity in others, the joy in giving back, and the importance of striving to live your best life. Her 11-year journey producing content for TOWS laid the foundation for the kind of leader she strives to be. Since then, Alicia has gone on to become the Creative Director for two Emmy-winning shows and now serves dual roles as Director of Marketing Strategy and Head of Production at the National Association of REALTORS®, the world’s largest trade association. There, she is a member of the CEO Advisory Group for DEI, which is committed to leading change in the real estate industry, advancing Fair Housing, and ensuring equity for Black homeowners so that they too, can grow generational wealth.

Alicia is honored to help lay the foundation for the Anti-Racism Transformation Team and looks forward to the change that will grow from the seeds planted by this team.