Statement on Gender Equity
March 06 2019

Chicago Foundation for Women envisions a society that values equity, diversity, community, and the inherent worth of every person regardless of gender, identity and/or expression.

For a fair and just society, we must have gender equity. Gender equity means:

• We all have access to the same rights, resources, opportunities and protections;

• Power comes from the community and is used in service of the community;

• We are all treated with respect and dignity. We value and respect the rights and potential of others as connected to our own

• Women girls and gender-nonconforming people are respected and believed as experts on their own lives, experiences and needs, and empowered as leaders.

The movement for gender equity is a movement for equity and justice for all. There can be no liberation for all women and girls without justice and equity for those historically left out, such as women of color, LGBT women and gender non-conforming, women with disabilities, justice-involved women and others. The movement for gender equity must include men and boys and is a movement for racial justice,  economic justice, immigrant justice and beyond.

Achieving gender equity requires the transformation of systems, culture, social norms and personal beliefs. Transformation is a journey and CFW continues to work towards achieving this vision.