Here Are 10 Chicago Causes Far More Deserving Than Pro-Rape Blog Meetup
February 04 2016

By Ariel Cheung and Linze Rice

Originally posted on DNAinfo Chicago

ROGERS PARK — If you’ve gotten a bad taste in your mouth reading about the anti-women rally set for this Saturday, you’re not alone.

The now-canceled plans for a meet-up between followers of the Return of Kings blog left an alderman “very disturbed” and activists looking to defuse the event with tuba songs.

Counter protests and ways to avoid feeding the trolls have popped up, along with calls for readers to #ClickSomethingElse.

The hashtag has spread on social media as feminists encourage people to steer the conversation (and clicks) away from Roosh V’s blog, and toward a discussion on work being done at organizations like Rape Victim Advocates, who are struggling amid the state budget impasse.

Sharmili Majmudar, executive director of Rape Victim Advocates, a Chicago-based organization who helps victims of gender-based violence, said her organization was up for the fight when it came to countering “evil” messages that she said people who were sexual assault survivors were faced with daily.

“I think it’s absolutely necessary that the last word be of the people who believe in safety and justice and compassion,” Majmudar said.

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