Chicago Foundation for Women Launches South Side Giving Circle
March 31 2018

Members will make collective investments in equal opportunities for women and girls on Chicago’s South Side.

On Tuesday, April 3, Chicago Foundation for Women (CFW) will host the first membership meeting of the South Side Giving Circle to invest in gender and racial equity for women and girls living in Chicago’s South Side and South Suburbs. The South Side Giving Circle of Chicago Foundation for Women is a platform for women to make a collective impact and grow as philanthropic leaders.

The South Side Giving Circle of CFW will invest in community-based and community-led initiatives that address the unique needs and inequities faced by Black women and girls in the foundation’s core issue areas of economic security, freedom from violence, and access to health care and information. The circle will fund both direct service and advocacy.

“Community members are the experts on the most pressing problems they face and the most effective approaches to solving them,” CFW President and CEO K. Sujata said. “A growing strategy to make philanthropy more inclusive, giving circles give grantmaking control directly to the community.”

“As a lifelong Chicagoan and South Side resident, I am deeply connected to the fabric of our South Side communities,” Olive-Harvey College president and giving circle member Felicia Davis said. “I am excited to help lead this effort and join forces with other Black women to give back to the part of Chicago that nurtured me as a young girl, and to create opportunities for black women and the next generation of black girls.”

The South Side Giving Circle currently has over 30 members, and will accept new members for the 2018 grantmaking cycle through Monday, April 30, 2018. Members of the giving circle combine their resources and utilize CFW’s rigorous grantee screening and monitoring to make effective and innovative investments in their community. The giving circle is open to women living in Chicago’s South Side neighborhoods and the South Suburbs.

“The South Side Giving Circle brings a new narrative to our community by leveraging our collective resources, ideas and power to invest in the success of Black women and girls,” Nicole Robinson, Vice President of Community Impact for the Greater Chicago Food Depository and giving circle member, said. “We’re from all walks of life, professions and experiences but have a shared value in reducing the inequities that young Black women face.  It’s inspiring to see how together we are truly becoming the change we want to see in our communities.”

With the addition of the South Side Giving Circle, CFW houses three place-based giving circles, including the North Shore Giving Circle and Western Suburbs Giving Circle of CFW. CFW is also home to three affinity-based giving councils: the LBTQ Giving Council, the Women United Giving Council and the Young Women’s Giving Council.