Chicago Foundation for Women Announces Over $1 Million in Economic Security and Reproductive Justice Grants
January 03 2018

44 grants will fund services, grassroots organizing, advocacy and research

CHICAGO, IL (January 3, 2018) – Today, Chicago Foundation for Women (CFW) announced 44 grants totaling $1,094,250 to support economic security and reproductive justice for Chicago-area women and girls. CFW funds grassroots organizing, advocacy, direct services, education and research to advance equal opportunities and basic rights for women and girls. The fall grant cycle funds stabilization services, education and training, as well as policy work to ensure women and girls have the tools and support to plan secure economic futures for themselves and their families.

“Chicago Foundation for Women funds a continuum of services and initiatives to empower women to achieve lasting economic security,” CFW President/CEO K. Sujata said. “Education and workforce development programs give women and girls the skills to succeed, while support and stabilization services ensure women are able to stay on track to achieve their goals.”

30 grants were made through the Eleanor Network at CFW. The Eleanor Network supports women’s economic security through funding for workforce development training, support services and advocacy. These three pillars ensure that women are able to secure living wage jobs with benefits and have clear pathways for advancement, within a policy framework that supports women’s economic independence and stability. The Eleanor Network was created in 2012, following CFW’s strategic alliance with the former Eleanor Foundation.

“CFW funds advocacy to ensure women have a voice in shaping policies, and expands our impact beyond individual families” added Sujata. “This includes reproductive justice policies that support women’s right to plan and raise a family in a safe, healthy and just community. These policies impact all women and girls and drive lasting systemic change.”

Eight grants were made through a matching grant from the Catalyst Fund for Reproductive Justice at Groundswell. The Catalyst Fund for Reproductive Justice supports woman-of-color led organizations spearheading grassroots advocacy across the full range of reproductive justice, including youth education and rights, reproductive and maternal health, parental rights and reproductive choice.

Additional grants to support emerging organizations and capacity building were awarded through a generous partnership with Polk Bros. Foundation Fund. CFW will also support research around women, aging and economic security by the Asset Funders Network.

CFW fall 2017 grant cycle funding includes:
· Eleanor Network at Chicago Foundation for Women: 30 grants in economic security for a total of $800,000;

· Catalyst Fund for Reproductive Justice: Eight grants for a total of $262,500;

· Polk Bros. Foundation Fund for Emerging Organizations: One grant for a total of $1,750;

· Strategic Response Fund: Three grants for a total of $15,000; and

· A $15,000 investment in research on effective asset building strategies for older women.

CFW funds organizations working in the areas of economic security, access to health and information, and freedom from violence. Grants in the areas of health and freedom from violence are made in the spring.

For the complete list of grants awarded for the fall 2017 cycle, please click here.