Chicago Foundation for Women Announces Fourth Annual Talk It Out Conversation Series
February 05 2019

Community discussions focus on gender bias and equity across Chicago region

Chicago Foundation for Women (CFW) announced today the fourth annual Talk It Out, a week-long conversation series designed to spark understanding among women and men, girls and boys, about gender bias. The series will kick off on March 8, 2019, International Women’s Day, and run through March 15.

Since 2015, CFW has sparked over 270 conversations about gender equity across the Chicago region. Talk It Out brings together women and men of all ages and backgrounds for open, honest and courageous conversation about gender bias and how we can work together to build safe, just and healthy communities for all women and girls in the Chicago region.

“We began Talk It Out to start the necessary conversations about gender bias and equity – what it means, how it affects women and men, and what will it take to make Chicago the best place for all women to live and work,” CFW President/CEO K. Sujata said. “This year, we are growing the conversation to bring in new voices, new visions and new partners in the movement for equity and justice for all.”

This year, Talk It Out will encourage thoughtful dialogue and discussion about what the end of bias and an equitable Chicago – for all residents – would look like, and how the movement for gender equity can support and work alongside other movements for justice and equity.

Anyone can host a conversation during Talk It Out. Registered hosts will receive a toolkit with questions to start the conversation, as well as tips to help make hosting fun and easy. Conversation participants can share their thoughts and takeaways with the broader CFW community using #TalkItOut. CFW will also collect feedback through a post-conversation survey.

Talk It Out was launched in 2016 as part of CFW’s 100% Project, an all-in, all-out effort to increase women’s economic security and put an end to gender bias in metropolitan Chicago within a generation. In 2018, over 130 groups from Englewood to Edgewater sat down to have conversations about gender bias as part of Talk It Out. In a post-conversation survey, 78 percent of respondents said Talk It Out changed the actions they will take at home and at work to challenge and interrupt gender bias.

To learn more and to sign up to host a Talk It Out conversation, visit or call 312.577.2825.  Join the Talk It Out 2019 conversation on social media using the hashtag #TalkItOut, and participate in a Twitter chat on Wednesday, March 13 at 12 p.m. CST.


About Chicago Foundation for Women

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