Chicago Foundation for Women announces 68 grants to support women’s health and freedom from violence.
July 10 2017

Additional grants will support new Englewood Women’s Initiative 

CHICAGO, IL (July 10, 2017) – Chicago Foundation for Women (CFW) announced 68 grants totaling $913,550 to support access to health, freedom from violence and economic security for women and girls in the Chicago region. The foundation’s spring grant cycle focuses on access to health and freedom from violence. Additional grants supporting women’s economic security were made as part of the Englewood Women’s Initiative and the Giving Councils and Circles at CFW.

“These latest investments fund innovative solutions to the interpersonal and community violence that impacts women and girls in Chicago on a daily basis, and services to help women and their families live healthy lives,” CFW President/CEO K. Sujata said. “In addition, CFW continues to grow women as philanthropic leaders through our Giving Councils and Circles, which made over $128,000 in grants this year.”

The foundation also launched the Englewood Women’s Initiative (EWI), a program to increase women’s economic security in the Englewood community, with grants to eight organizations. EWI will equip qualified low-income women with the tools, skills and resources to put them on a path to good-paying jobs and long-term economic stability.

“Initiatives that support advancement of the Englewood Quality of Life Plan are welcome,” Rosalind Moore, Director of Programs for Teamwork Englewood, said. “Recognizing that single women are at the nucleus or head of many Englewood families, we especially welcome programs such as the Englewood Women’s Initiative that move women toward economic security and that support the community-based organizations that provide women with needed services.”

A total of 18 grants were made by the North Shore Giving Circle, Western Suburbs Giving Circle, Women United Giving Council, LBTQ Giving Council and Young Women’s Giving Council at CFW. CFW awarded seven additional grants through a matching grant from the Polk Bros. Foundation Fund for Emerging Organizations. The fund fosters early growth in promising nonprofits with annual operating budgets below $75,000.

CFW awarded 34 grants totaling $569,000 as part of the foundation’s general spring cycle.

The CFW spring 2017 grant cycle of funding includes:

·        Nine grants supporting access to health for a total of $154,000

·        25 grants supporting freedom from violence for a total of $415,000

·        Fay Clayton Advised Fund: One grant of $3,000

·        North Shore Giving Circle: Six grants for a total of $62,100

·        Western Suburbs Giving Circle: Two grants for a total of $23,000

·        LBTQ Giving Council: Four grants for a total of $17,000

·        Women United Giving Council: One grant of $5,000

·        Young Women Giving Council: Five grants for a total of $21,200

·        Polk Bros. Foundation Fund for Emerging Organizations: Seven grants for a total of $13,250

In fiscal year 2017, CFW made 144 grants, including 29 rapid response grants from The 100 Day Fund, totaling over $2 million.

To learn more about the Spring 2017 grantees, please click here.