Tania Cordova is a member of LGTBQ Immigrant Rights Coalition and the Translatin@ Coalition. Tania is an Advocate, Community-Educator and Promotora for Human Rights, Equality, Liberation, universal healthcare and breaking the cycle of poverty, criminalization, and imprisonment in Trans-LGBQ and Immigrant communities. Tania is a part of current efforts in Illinois to reform name change legislation advocating for the public safety of transgender people by making the name change process accessible. In 2018, Tania formed SER El Cambio, a non-profit organization whose purpose is to help transgender women being released from incarceration by providing access to resources for personal and spiritual growth, transformation and lifelong wellness. Through SER El Cambio she provides training and case management support to transgender immigrant women being detained and released from the Cibola immigrant prison in New Mexico in collaboration with the Casa Colibrí transformative justice house in Albuquerque. Her long-term vision is to operate a refuge house and transitional living organization for Trans Immigrant Women seeking asylum in the United States.

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