Christina Frasik is a second-year medical student, community organizer, and lifelong resident of the Chicagoland area. While attending Loyola University Chicago for her undergraduate degree, she personally experienced how the lack of comprehensive sexual and reproductive healthcare can place an overwhelming burden on students.

With the support, mentorship, and teamwork of many, Christina co-founded Students for Reproductive Justice (SRJ), the first unofficial student organization to directly address the restrictive definitions of healthcare upheld by Loyola. In the two years Christina served as an organizer for SRJ, the organization expanded some of the services offered by the on-campus clinic, distributed thousands of safer sex supplies to students, established the first condom delivery service, and instituted an eco-friendly menstrual equity campaign that included men’s, women’s, and gender-neutral restrooms. Frustrated by the slow progress, Christina sought to find a solution that would force the universities to listen to their students and recognize the harmful impact of these restrictive policies. The Student Coalition for Reproductive Justice (SCRJ) was established in May 2019, bringing together students that demand comprehensive, evidence-based sexual and reproductive healthcare from their universities. Supported by a united foundation and national campaigns, SCRJ chapters will make changes to on-campus policies and practices that directly reflect the unique needs of their community.

In addition to the work surrounding Catholic universities, Christina is pursuing her medical degree at Albany Medical College (AMC), where she researches the operation of crisis pregnancy centers and the impact religiously-based healthcare institutions have on access to comprehensive care. She serves as the president of AMC’s Medical Students for Choice chapter and participates in a program that pairs teen mothers with medical students to provide support, resources, and help as they pursue their goals. In the future, Christina plans to practice as an OB/GYN in Chicago and give back to the clinics and community organizations in Chicago that assisted in the founding of SRJ.

The Pioneer Impact Award recognizes trailblazing young leaders under the age of 30 whose work is already impacting women and girls and shows great promise for the future.