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Materials on Nonprofit Management and Skill-Building


Chicago Foundation for Women is committed to building the capacity of its grantees through free trainings and workshops. We are pleased to offer some of the handouts and presentations from these programs, as well as links to websites with additional materials. Resources are listed below by subject, or if you are looking for materials from a specific workshop, browse our list of past grantee programs.

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What participants say:

"Like everyone, I'm very busy and think twice about what seminars and workshops to attend. This was very helpful!"

FINANCES and Budgeting


"Managing Financial Uncertainty" - February 28, 2012 (PDF)
Materials are from Financial Focus (January 7, 2011), The Budgeting Laboratory (May 8, 2008) and Budgeting in Times of Economic Uncertainty (February. 14, 2008).
Presentation: Financial Focus 2011 (PowerPoint) - Jan. 7, 2011
     Susan Hammel Joyce (email), president of Cogent Consulting
     Companion worksheet: Financial Templates (Excel)

"Create a Budget That Works for You" (PDF)
     Ann M. Rotondi, Nonprofit World, Vol. 15, No. 4, July/August 1997

"20 Emergency Funding Sources for Nonprofits" (PDF)
     Fieldstone Alliance

"20 Cost Cutting Ideas for Nonprofits" (PDF)
     Fieldstone Alliance 

Presentations by Timothy J. O'Brien, PhD, assistant professor of nonprofit finance at North Park University and faculty at the Axelson Center for Nonprofit Management
     "Financial Management in a Time of Crisis" - Feb. 14, 2008 (PowerPoint) 
          Appendix A: Contingency Worksheet (Excel)
          Appendix B: 990 data (Excel)
          Appendix C: Comprehensive budget model (Excel)
     "Budgeting Lab" - May 8, 2008 (PowerPoint)

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What participants say:

"It was such a great wealth of information that I can actually use!"


Burnout Prevention (PDF) February 28, 2013

Emergency Succession Planning (PDF)- September 13, 2012
By Claudette Green Baker
For the PDF, please contact Elizabeth Hartig at

Succession Planning (PDF)- September 13, 2012
By Claudette Green Baker
For the PDF, please contact Elizabeth Hartig at

Sample Volunteer Policy
- July 18, 2012
By Dhyia Thompson

Volunteer Outreach Exercise- July 18, 2012
By Dhyia Thompson

Volunteer Outreach Workshop- July 18, 2012
By Dhyia Thompson

Materials are from Creating an Evaluation Plan for Your Organization (Nov. 13, 2008) and Curbside Consulting: Speed Dating with Evaluators (Feb. 25, 2010).

Presentation: Creating an Evaluation Plan - Nov. 13, 2008 (PowerPoint)
     Illinois Center for Violence Prevention's Best Practices Institute (website
          Participant Guide--companion to presentation (PDF)

Theory of Change (TOC) by Susie Quern Pratt, Principal, Pratt Richards Group 
     TOC blank worksheet  (Word)
     TOC sample worksheet (Word)
     TOC organizational map, or "bullseye" (PDF)
     TOC tip sheet (PDF)

Data Collection Methods and Training Youth on Data Collection (PDF)
     P. Catlin Fullwood and Jessica Palmert

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What participants say:

"Really pragmatic info and ideas on a variety of methods for fundraising."

"It gave me ambitious ideas without being overwhelming."

Fundraising and Development

Materials are from The Art of the Ask (Nov. 16, 2010), Fundraising in a Recession (April 9, 2009), Curbside Consulting: Fundraising, Strategic Planning and Organizational Re-Development (May 14, 2009) and Show Me the Money: How to Develop Your Individual Donor Base (Nov. 19, 2009).

Presentation: The Art of the Ask (PowerPoint) - Nov. 16, 2010
     Jamie Phillippe, VP of Development and Donor Services, The Chicago Community Trust

"If the Buddha Was a Fundraiser" (used in Nov. 19, 2009 workshop) (PDF)
     Robbie Ross Tisch, Senior Consultant, Management Assistance Group

Really Really No Kidding Individual Giving worksheets - May 14, 2009
     Kelly Kleiman (
          Worksheet #1: Who should be supporting your agency? (PDF)
          Worksheet #2: Where's it all supposed to come from? (PDF)
          Worksheet #3: The major gift ask (PDF)

Presentation: Ready, Set, Raise! An Overview of Grassroots Fundraising - April 9, 2009 (PowerPoint) 
     Sonya Garcia Ulibarri, for the Grassroots Institute for
     Fundraising Training (GIFT)

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Advocacy and Lobbying As a Nonprofit

Election Year Dos (PDF) September 18, 2012 
Leah Cunningham Pouw

Legislative Best Practices (PDF) September 18, 2012 
Leah Cunningham Pouw

Legislatively Speaking (PDF) September 18, 2012 
by Leah Cunningham Pouw

Meeting Elected Officials (PDF) September 18, 2012 
by Leah Cunningham Pouw,
Materials on lobbying are from our workshops led by Alliance for Justice including Rules of the Game (Oct. 8, 2009), Lobbying and Election-Related Activities for Nonprofits (Sept. 18, 2008) and Lobbying Rules for Nonprofits (July 12, 2007). The presentation on reproductive justice is from a training exclusively for Catalyst Fund grantees (Aug. 13, 2010).

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Board Development

"Boards That Work: Lessons From The Field" workshop-  November 21, 2011
Deborah Harvey Minor of The Right Source, Inc.
Presentation: The Role of Board Members in Fundraising (PDF) - July 14, 2011
     Nancy Ali, Executive Vice President, Metropolitan Group
Materials are from our workshops Fiduciary Responsibilities of Nonprofit Board Members (July 14, 2011) and Nonprofit Board Sustainability: How to Get, Keep and Promote Exceptional Board Members (April 29, 2010).

Handouts by Laura McAlpine, McAlpine Consulting for Growth (April 2010)
     Ten Basic Responsibilities of Nonprofit Boards (PDF) 
     Board Orientation (PDF)
     Board Self-Assessment (PDF)
     Illinois Non-Profit Legal Requirements (PDF)
Board / Chief Executive Relationship Chart (PDF) by Ellen Benjamin

Sample board documents by Marianne Philbin
     Sample Executive Committee Job Description (PDF)
     Sample Board Member Agreement (PDF)

A Fresh Look at Diversity and Boards (PDF) by Jan Masaoka at Blue Avocado

Illinois Nonprofit Principles and Best Practices (website) by Donors Forum 


Phone Pitching Tips (PDF)- August 28, 2013

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